Buckets is an Open Source CMS built on Node.js and MongoDB.
Development is currently on hold.

A simple way to manage content better.

They Hold Stuff

Buckets lets you store your content in a structured, but flexible, way.

Wicked Fast

Buckets is fast—like really fast. It leverages a modern, all-JavaScript development stack. Your customers will love it too. It works where you work and they work, from sleek layouts for the big screen to a fast responsive layout when you are on your mobile phone.

Open Source & Community Built

Buckets is open source and available on Github.

For Web Designers

Buckets lets web designers easily create websites with a simple system of routes and templates. Retrieve and format content in whatever way you want.

For Node.js Developers

Buckets can be used as Middleware for any Express app. Install it as an NPM module or install the source directly.

For People

Buckets is powerful but it also gets out of your way. Quickly add, remove, and update content at the speed of thought.